The Biotechnology Centre is a unit of The Silesian University of Technology. The Biotechnology Centre was appointed by a Rector of The Silesian University of Technology in January 2006.

The Biotechnology Centre is a joint venture of three Faculties

  • Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering

The main task of the Biotechnology Centre is to organize the cooperation between the teaching and scientific-research groups, and coordinates the interdisciplinary research activities in the field of biotechnology. The Biotechnology Centre conducts innovative research in the field of bioinformatics, medical, environmental and industrial biotechnology.

The Biotechnology Centre has equipment which is used by four laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Laboratory of Bioinformatics Database Systems
  • Laboratory of Parallel Calculation
  • Laboratory of Digital Image Processing and Biomedical Visualization
  • Laboratory of Preparation and Storage Data
  • Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology
  • Laboratory of Research of Biological Systems
  • Laboratory of Bioremediation Ground / Soil
  • Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering
  • Laboratory of Microscopic Research and Visualization
  • Laboratory of DNA and RNA
  • Laboratory of Biochemical
  • Microarray Laboratory
  • Cytological Laboratory
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis and Analysis
  • Chromatographic Analysis Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Enzyme Protein Isolation
  • Laboratory of Spectroscopic Analyzes
  • Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry

The specialists in the field of biotechnology started cooperation at the Technical University of Silesia before the Biotechnology Centre has been created. The result of this cooperation was the establishment in 2005 inter-faculty course of studies “Biotechnology”. The curriculum for this course has been developed by specialists from three Faculties mentioned above and Institute of Oncology in Gliwice. Each Faculty carries out separately enrolment, but in the first four semesters all students have this same subjects. The Inter-faculty course of studies “Biotechnology” at the Silesian University of Technology is conducted in three specializations:

  • "Bioinformatics " at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
  • "Industrial Biotechnology " at the Faculty of Chemistry
  • "Environmental Biotechnology" at the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Each specialty trains students in the selected field of biotechnology, in accordance with the main profile of the Faculty.